Why is steam better?

1) Steam uses moist heat to loosen and lift dirt, grease and salt.

2) Steam BOTH cleans and sanitizes, removing the source of odors.

3) Steam is ECO-friendly. Traditional car washes use up to 190 liters of water per vehicle. With steam, one vehicle requires

7-10 liters of water and no harmful chemicals or shampoo.

Will my vehicle interior be wet after cleaning?

In most cases your seats will be damp but dry quickly. If there is heavier dirt or stains we may need to use more steam but the dry time is much less than traditional methods . With our system we are able to regulate the moisture level of the steam. On the interior we use a dry steam while for the exterior we use a wet steam. 

How long does it take?

A regular size car  interior package takes about 1 hour and a full interior/exterior takes about 1.5 hours. 

Are we able to access underground parking to clean your vehicle?

Yes. We have the capability to come to your condo, apartment or office and provide our services all year round in the underground parking.

What is an Ozone treatment ?

Instead of covering up smells with perfume-like air fresheners, an ozone treatment eliminates odors altogether. It is used  to remove cigarette odor, pet odors, food odors, chemical odors or mold, or simply to refresh the vehicle interior. Many people think it smells like the air after a spring electrical storm since lightning also produces oh zone.

How does it work? 

Ozone is oxygen but in a different form. It contains three oxygen molecules and not two. The third molecule can detach and apply itself to other chemicals or substances. This ability to attach to other substances means the ozone is able to alter these substances. This is why ozone is generated and used for to deal with odors.

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